Why use Scratchcaddy ?

Basically can be summed up in 1 word Transparency. The picks I put out are the same bets I place. There is no changing selections, there is no inflating the odds ( I always give my picks an average market value) and win or lose they are what they are.  At times throughout the year we may go in to the negative but I know I am always 1 winner away from it all turning around. That right there is the beauty of betting on golf its not NFL or NBA games where you may need to go on a run to get back level, with golf betting you win in chunks. In 2021 I had 6 outright winners ranging from +800 Jon Rahm in the US Open to Max Homa +6500 in the Fortinet my bets yielded a profit on the year of 67.5 units.

To me I view golf betting as an investment, with me as your financial advisor. We have all seen those adverts on TV of investment companies that say when you do better we do better and its that simple. The more profit I make you, the more chance I have of keeping you as a customer.

How many times have you met up with friends and one of them turns around and tells you he won $100 on Lakers -5 or whatever, wait till you see the look on there faces when you reply back I won $500 off a $10 bet. I have done it and I can guarantee you its priceless.

Here is how it works…….

You pay $99.99 for a 4 week subscription and within those 4 weeks you make money on the picks provided..everything is good in the world, and if you want to carry on receiving the picks you purchase another subscription. But lets face it we all know gambling is unpredictable and even more so when we are betting on Odds to Win on a golf tournament so lets presume this happens….

Week 1 – Negative 5 units

Week 2 – Positive 17 units, Overall +12 units

Week 3 – Negative 8 units, Overall +4 units

Week 4 – Negative 7 units , Overall -3 units

So after the 4 weeks of picks you have paid for, you have lost money…..I wouldn’t continue purchasing picks and I don’t expect you to.

So you will continue to receive picks until my picks have made you money !!!

Week 5 – Positive 17 units, Overall +14 units

It would be at this point where your  subscription has been profitable and if you wish to continue to receive picks you would have to purchase another subscription.


I am doing this for 3 reasons.

  1. I know my picks will make money.
  2. The handicapper market is flooded with frauds. People who provide picks should be held accountable for the information they have provided.
  3. My goal isn’t just to make money betting on golf its to move the market when my picks are released.