Profit / Loss

As we start looking forward to the return of PGA Tour golf in January, I wanted to share all my results since I started the website back in July 2020.

For a full event by event summary please CLICK HERE for 2020 & 2021.

July – Dec 2020 +76 points

Jan – Dec 2021 +67.5 points

Jan – Dec 2022 +7.95 points

2023  -12.5 points

Sentry -4pts

Sony +56.5pts

AMEX -6.5pts

Farmers -2.5pts

Pebble Beach -6pts

Phoenix -5.5pts

Genesis -4pts

Honda -5.5pts


Players -5.5pts

Valspar – 5pts

Corales -7pts

Texas -7.5pts

US Masters -3pts

Memorial -3.5pts

Travelers -3.5pts