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Masters 2022 - Tiger Woods chances | News Article by Scratchcaddy.com

The 2022 Masters Tournament is upon us. The Birds are chirping, the patrons are out in full force, and Tiger Woods is going to try to go out and win the Masters Tournament.

We all know that Tiger Woods has been recovering from a potentially life and limb-threatening car accident, but what we didn’t know until about a week ago was that there was a chance that Tiger would tee it up at Augusta National.

He has been testing this for a few days to make sure that he is going to walk the course.

The decision was made yesterday. Eldrick Tiger Woods will be walking on the hallowed grounds of Augusta National Golf Club.

Now to the chance that Tiger has of actually winning this tournament. He has always said that there is no chance that he would play a golf tournament that he felt he had no chance of winning, but these circumstances may be a bit too much.

However, this is Tiger Woods that we are talking about. He has come back from multiple health issues, personal issues, and swing changes, but this may be the hardest one yet. Tiger is Forty-Six years old.

Tiger has been rehabbing both of his legs since February 2021. We have seen him play one “tournament” since, and he was in a cart.

The swing looked solid though.

With all that said… Tiger woods is different than anyone we have ever seen. His mental prowess is something that should be studied in a lab. His knowledge of this golf course is unprecedented, which does matter at Augusta. Augusta doesn’t allow green books, and even if they did, Tiger is a walking green book out there.

With the storylines that Tiger has given us in the past, we cannot possibly say that there is no choice. The Last Master’s win of Tigers, the Tour Championship, the US Open on a broken leg, the list goes on and on… Do I think that Tiger will win this tournament?

Not, but if you’re not rooting for it, or see any chance of it happening then you do not understand how sports tend to give us these moments.

This would be the greatest one yet. Give us a weekend, give us a moment, we don’t deserve it, but Tiger always delivers.

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| Title: Masters 2022 – Tiger Woods chances
| Author: Matt Catton
| Date: April 7, 2022


April 7, 2022

Masters 2022 – Tiger Woods chances

The 2022 Masters Tournament is upon us. The Birds are chirping, the patrons are out in full force, and Tiger Woods is going to try to […]